Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend on the back of a Nickel

Last year Sara & I decided we were going to travel for my birthday and we went to Annapolis. I love Annapolis. It was the most beautiful day too. This year, in keeping with tradition, was spent on another outing ... to Monticello and it was another beautiful day.

Monticello is the home of Thomas Jefferson, it is also the building you see on the back of your nickel. (fyi-nickels are my least favorite coin.) Monticello is the home of Thomas Jefferson who owned over 200 slaves and only freed five of them in his lifetime and two in his will when he died. He is also the author of the Declaration of Independence. His home is situated so nicely on the top of the hill overlooking the valley of trees, all deciduous. Of course, it is only March and the trees have not yet started budding out, so there were a lot of limbs. It was still very pretty, in their own way. I have decided that I need to make the trip back in the fall. I saw a postcard that just enhanced my already amazing vision of the fall colors on those bare trees. It should be amazing.

Your eyes are not deceiving you--we did do a human pyramid. 10 seconds seems to go by a little too fast when you are trying to maneuver to the top of the pyramid. With only one unsuccessful attempt--I did make it up. Hopefully I didn't injure Will too badly in the attempt. The drive down and back and in-between locations was nice and tight. We all fit into one car and if you will notice ~ there are six of us. It is a good thing that we are all friends, and it added to the memories. It was a very fun group and the day was a perfect 65 degrees with a slight breeze, a few clouds here and there and just so nice. I even managed to come back with a slight sunburn.
After Monticello we stopped by UVA (University of Virginia). Which has approximately 18,000 students (undergrad & grad) just in case you were interested. It is a beautiful campus. We walked around a bit and killed some time and then made our way to the Bavarian Chef. Authentic German food, and so amazingly delicious. If you happen to be out that way, I highly recommend it. (Thank you Sara & Debby)

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