Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sara & Will

Will & Sara's wedding was in Logan, UT. We were so lucky to get perfectly beautiful weather and such nice lighting. Everything was beautiful!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Day was an unusual 75 degrees and so perfect. Today it is a high of 40. Interesting, huh? The weather--that is one thing I was grateful for on Thanksgiving. Secondly, as I was getting back from my morning run, I was walking through our neighborhood when a huge gust of wind came through and for a moment everything was in slow motion. The leaves from the ground were being swept up and pummeled back into the air and the leaves falling from the trees seemed as though they were suspended in the air, twirling and dancing in the wind. It was amazing, and the lighting was so beautiful. I couldn't help but smile and remember how many beautiful things there are on this earth. There is much to be grateful for, and it makes me happy that we have an entire holiday to celebrate the giving of thanks. Even better that we celebrate with the best food.
So, this is my one creation, one of my contributions to the thanksgiving feast this year. Caramel Pecan Cheesecake. So delicious. Happy Thanksgiving everyone ... Christmas is just around the corner!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Foliage Part II or is it III?

I went out a took a couple more pictures this weekend - just because I could and because the colors are amazing. And the rotten pumpkin--well it just looked interesting.

Stephanie & Derek

A few picks from my wedding that was in Washington, VA. This was the same day as my earlier post with the fog and the rainbow. Beautiful day, a little windy--but that made for some fun, unexpected veil shots.

Friday, November 16, 2007


This is my favorite street. I drive on it every day several times a day. The light always seems to hit this street just so, and no matter what time of day or of the year I find it somewhat of an afflatus. Every year I photograph this street in the fall as the trees are so vibrant. 2005 was definitely the best yet (especially with the cool yellowish VW which is no longer there). 2007 is a close second, the colors this year are definitely better than last year.

Tyson's Corner

Fall Foliage is in its peak right now. It is really so beautiful, this past week I have driven to work in the fog, in the rain and in the sunshine and every single time I have been dying to take pictures. Call me crazy, and unfortunately, my commitment to be on time has won this week. I did manage to get a few pictures though-at various stop signs and from the 9th floor of our building. I love the fall - beautiful crisp weather, amazing colors.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Simpson Family

I love them, all of them. How cute are these kids? When I was in Wyoming this past weekend, I took my brother's family pictures.

Sara & Will Engagement

I am a little late in posting these as I am currently editing pictures from their wedding last Saturday. Better late than never, 'eh? These two are great, they really are. I am pretty lucky to have such good friends.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So Lucky

My two newest additions to the family. McKenna above.
My sweet Grandma and Quinn below.

As luck would have it I got to spend about 31 hours in Wyoming this past weekend. I always like to squeeze as much as possible into my trips home and this was no exception. I had a wedding for one of my close friends in Logan, UT (pictures will come a little later). I got to spend a little time with my family and meet my newest niece. A pretty wonderful weekend. I do love my family and I miss them!