Thursday, May 3, 2007

Never Ending Wall of Yellow

For those who don't know, I have an adiditonal job during the week -- not related to photography. And this is where I got of the elevator last week to a wall of yellow crates ... I had to shimmy to get by them and into my suite. Now they are lining the walls of our office. Yellow ~ everywhere. (I was getting tired of seeing the sea of yellow so for the sake of my eye sight I made the picture black & white.) Our office is moving, again. This is the third move in two years for me. This is the second time with "the crates." Since our company has grown so large that we are relocating to be in one building, instead of the four buildings we are currently in. Office moves always bring out office politics, and it sure is fun to hear the conversations. Many people who currently have an office will be in a cube, and all of the offices are much smaller than the space we currently occupy. Which means ... the excess must go. And that, my friends, is the one thing I love about the move. I have recycled so much paper it would astonish you. I long for the paperless society, and our office is far from it. It feels so good to purge, and I fully endorse and encourage all of my team members to toss, recycle and purge.

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