Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wyoming - On Location at a Farm

Usually when I tell people I am from Wyoming, they think of Interstate 80--barren nothingness. This ... is not the portion I am from. Really I am from the country, the mountainous portion of Wyoming. Really the most beautiful place on earth.

These first few pictures are from my trip to a farm in Wyoming. I hate cows, with a passion, but on this trip home I actually photographed some (a thing which I have never before done).

A special thanks to the man who owns this farm, he was kind enough to let me wander all over his property, which is very expansive and beautiful, right against the mountains.

The last two pictures are of the horse my brother recently purchased. He is beautiful bay.


A. Simpson said...

Hmm,who knew cows were so photogenic?!I like the old truck shot also!

Kellee Smith said...

Tiana, I love the way you captured "HOME" you really did a beautiful job. Thanks for these beautiful momens. I agree with Darnell, the truck picture is amazing...