Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Little Things

Yes ... this is a posting without pictures. A rare occurrence, I know. On Sunday I was reminded that is good to take time to really enjoy what you have.

I have spent the last several weeks editing images until the late hours of the night and have missed the chance to be outside in the evenings (except for my softball games every Tuesday!). On Sunday, I had the chance to sit in a screened in porch during a thunderstorm. It was so nice -- no bugs, but you still get the full effect of the thunder sounding all around you. There were tall beautiful trees surrounding the porch. The sunset was equally amazing that evening. The clouds were really low and the setting sun created "sweet light." My favorite conditions to shoot in; this time I just enjoyed it, but didn't take any pictures. As I was sitting there, really just soaking it all in, the conversation turned to the top 5 things you are really most grateful for. Hard to narrow it down to five, but the first few things that came to mind were (1) family (2) the gospel, my religious beliefs (3) friends (4) technology (5) my vision. Of course these five things are pretty all-encompassing and each could be broken down into more detail ~ which I did do in my head. It was a nice reminder of just how lucky I am. Life is really good, and it was nice to have a break to enjoy the little things.

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janers said...

It really is the simple things in life that mean so much isn't it. ;) I am finally finding time to scroll through your blog and really READ instead of just look at your pictures. I too am greatful for your VISION! Thank you for sharing the east with me through your photo lens! I love it. I will be coming to visit soon!