Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Tagging Frenzy

I have been tagged, so three unknown little facts about me, I guess this fits in my 'random thoughts' part of the blog.

1. I am very sensitive to smells. Maybe it was all those hours spent the dark room smelling the chemicals, but no matter what it was I can pick up on a lot of scents. Usually if it is too strong, it is offensive, something is wrong if I can smell your cologne from four cubes away. Or if you stand in my cube and 25 minutes later, I can still smell you. This isn't to say I don't appreciate smells ... I do. I love when you get close to someone and then you catch the subtle scents that add that extra something that is so nice. I also love the smell of homemade bread. And the reason for the random smells comments came to my mind is because I just washed all my sheets and when I was falling asleep last night I had freshness surrounding me, and it was heavenly! So if it is the right scents ... I love them.

2. I love the small thoughtful things that are almost an afterthought for the person doing it. You know what I mean, those small acts of kindness that go seemingly unnoticed by almost everyone, but mean a lot to the person receiving. It can be something as small as a homemade card with my name spelled as TIAWA from my cute niece who made it 'specially for me.' I just love her, how sweet is that? A surprise grocery bag with Milk and Eggs ... and to make it even better it is the kind of milk I really like. The friend who stays to listen to you, even though they need to be planning their lesson and are on a very tight time schedule. To sum it up ... it is the little things that can sometimes make the best impressions. I love those moments.

3. Lastly, I am a little OCD about a couple of things. But I will only share one ... I don't like when the different kinds of silverware are mixed, I will always switch it, even if I didn't empty the dishwasher. So-there you have a couple of my random facts. :)

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A. Simpson said...

I want to know your other OCD things! Don't you share #1 with your mother? I remember when Darnell and I were dating Camille told me, "Don't wear perfume around my mom."