Wednesday, April 30, 2008


A few pictures from my trip to Philadelphia this past weekend. We saw the Liberty Bell, the "Rocky" steps (from the movie) and many, many other things.


emily said...

I would love to be your shadow for one day and be able to see things from your eyes. I keep telling myself that it's all around me. You work just takes my breath away. Amazing.

Kellee Smith said...

I miss Philly. Thanks for the fun shots!

A. Simpson said...

What the?! Why'd you go there? Wedding? Can't wait to see ya!
P.s. Was that one shot through a preschool window? Also I like the tulip one, that's a keeper!

Unknown said...

I went to be a tourist and to eat a philly cheesesteak!
The window shot was of a children's book store we walked by.

Thanks for all your comments everyone!

Shelley said...

Ummm... Was that the same Philly I went to? Your pictures are awesome. Pretty sure I didn't see you take a picture the entire time. Do you have some amazing camera installed in your brain?? Love them.