Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hot Mustard and Catch-Up

The Hot Mustard picture (sailboat) is from a day last month when my co-workers took a team building trip out on a boat on the Chesapeake Bay and ate crabs in a little restaurant on the water.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous - sunny after a week of all rain!
The remainder of the images are from my one and only trip to the beach (Ocean City) this summer.  I have been  bad about blogging this past little bit, so I am just getting around to blogging about it.  It was a beautiful day and I didn't get beaten up by the waves this year (last year I took a beating).  I was also sure to reapply sunscreen pretty much constantly (last year I also came away looking like a lobster - and it HURT!).  I was a little smarter this year - I have embraced my whiteness.  Regarding the last picture, there was about 5 of these sand sculptures all Biblical themed and with amazing detail right along the boardwalk.

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