Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day Trip with Stanley

Flat Stanley came for a visit to DC.  My niece sent him out for an adventure.
We had a lot of fun and met two other Stanleys - one from Kentucky and one from Minnesota.


janers said...

hillarious! I love it...goood of Flat Stanley to visit you!!!

Crystal said...

that is too cute!

Rob, Adrienne, Sam, Ada and Tony said...

Flat Stanley is very cute. Great coloring job.
In case you haven't read yet. I'm engaged. No date yet, but I may be needing you in SF for the wedding if you can come. I wouldn't trust anyone else with taking our pictures.

Amy K said...

Thanks for doing that, Tiana!!! Taryn thought it was GREAT!! She even made Mom come to her classroom so that she could see all the pictures of you and Flat Stanley!

Love ya!