Sunday, August 2, 2009

Digging for Fossils

This is how it is done - you take a chunk out of the mountain and then
hit it until it starts to crack with your hammer and chisel, follow the crack,
and sometimes you get lucky and find a fish in the layers of rock!

I think everyone found at least one - even A.S. who we thought might not
find any at the rate she was going - 
but as soon as I started bad-talking her - she finds one ... just like that!
This is me with my first catch!

A few from the professionals above.  At the museum they had fossilized bats, turtles, even a full size alligator, and a dragonfly with the wings and all perfectly preserved.  The one on the right is a sting ray - they are very rare and hard to find, but they look amazing.
And below is the largest fish we found that day - the money is placed there to show you the actual size of the fish.

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