Sunday, January 31, 2010

28 Days of Goodness

February is my start to 2010.
I know I am starting the new year a month behind,
but well I was sick for the first part of January.
Thus February is my new beginning.

So as part of my "28 Days of Goodness" I will be posting more on my blog.
Every Monday this month I will be posting a link to my favorite blogs.
(I confess, I am a blog stalker of so many amazing blogs.)
I will share a few of those amazing blogs with you this month.

I will also be posting some beautiful weddings, some adorable babies
and a few family groups (including my own family).

Would the "28 Days of Goodness" be good without a few give-aways/contests?
Of course not ...


A. Simpson said...

Posting some awesomely good lookin families, right...??
I hated that you started the new year sick. Hope you're feeling all in the up and up now.
Oooh giveaways, I'm intrigued. Tell me more :)

Holly said...

I am totally excited for February Goodness. I love your blog and I'm so interested to know what blogs you love (and other good stuff).