Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last Night

On my way home from a gorgeous wedding last night I stopped to take this picture.
I couldn't really see well enough to get a great composition - not bad for the dark - right?!
You can see a few really short star trails.
If I wasn't getting eaten alive by mosquitos I might have taken a few more, however,
I managed to kill what I believe was a stink bug inside my shirt on the back of my neck
(with my bare hands no less). This was within an hour of arriving at the wedding.
I smelled bad the rest of the night. Stinking stink bugs - gross.
So you can see why a few mosquitos put an end to a great photo session!
Too many bugs for one night.

1 comment:

A. Simpson said...

"...Stinkin' stink bugs."
That makes me laugh, Ti!