Monday, November 21, 2011

DC Horse Show

The horse on the front right - GORGEOUS.
The second most beautiful horse in the show.
I have a thing for beautiful grey horses and I unfortunately did not
get a picture of the most beautiful horse in the show
(The grey beauty was only in the first competition when we first got there).

This was the competition to see how hight the horse could jump.
You can see the wall starts low and gets gradually higher.
The winning horse jumped a seven foot wall.
It was absolutely incredible.
I have it on video, but couldn't download it today - so maybe I will post it some other time.
It was pretty impressive - and it was a beautiful horse that won too!


A. Simpson said...

A 7 FOOT WALL?! That's just insane. Man, you go to a lot of fun places!

Cam said...

How fun!!! I want to go to one of these!!!!!