Saturday, December 10, 2011

Looking Back #5

I made this drive so many times for so many years I could drive it in my sleep.
Just a random fact - Back when I was in college I was driving my cute white Chevy home
for the weekend to visit the family and with no warning what-so-ever my glove compartment
box burst into open flames. True story - happened right near where this picture was taken.
I think about that moment every time I drive through here.

If you were wondering - yes, I certainly did panic, I may have screamed,
and I ALSO successfully put the fire out. This was back before I had a cell phone, so I
risked my life by continuing to drive my car in the dark with no taillights (thanks to the fire)
to the closest telephone (which was NOT close, this happened in the middle of nowhere).
My parents didn't answer their phone so I had to call my aunt to have her go find my parents
so I could confirm with my Dad that is was actually safe to drive a car that bursts into flames.
I made it home. End of story.

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