Friday, November 30, 2012

Wyoming in the Fall - Part One

This is the world's largest elk horn arch - in my hometown.
I snapped it from the car - because locals don't stop for touristy pictures of the arch (and I ... am ... a local).  Not too bad, though right - for a picture taken out the car window.
Two of my brother's live across the street from this view.  The light was so pretty.
Every time I visit my brothers I walk away with a great shot.  All around their house is so beautiful.
This is the view I had coming home from school growing up.
I used to live on the road that runs right by here - pretty isn't it?
More Wyoming aspens and mountains, and some farm land.
This is about five minutes from where I live (or should say used to live-but I still claim it as home).
This is my dad.  i put him in the for a sense of scale - I live in the most beautiful place in the world.
It is true.  Here is one facing the other direction:

This is my dad again - handsome man, isn't he.  We were out scouting locations for our family picture.
I really loved this location SO much, but it was a little difficult to get to - maybe next time.

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