Saturday, January 26, 2013

Boston - a Mini Vacation

Sunset the night I got there.
We took a drive to Newport to see and tour a few of the mansions.
As pretty as everything was inside the mansions, I really fell in love with this tree (above on the right).
Same tree pictured below in next two pictures, 
one with me for a sense of scale.  It was absolutely massive!
It had so much character and it was so beautiful.  
Wish I could have seen it a little earlier with all of its fall leaves.
This lovely city is still a favorite to visit!
A perfect little mini vacation in a house filled with the most perfect light and view.


Erin said...

I thought when you were posting during your trip on Instagram you were in of those photos looked like the inside of the Breakers. But then I convinced my self you weren't. (I have a thing for old houses, so I've been to Newport.)

Unknown said...

@Erin - you were right! One of those houses was the Breakers - it is pretty incredible!

CS said...

Love. Love. Love.