Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Adventures with my Dad

So my Dad and I have a little competition every year.  
We each create a calendar with our best scenic shots for the year.
I realized just now that I haven't posted many of these shots used on the calendar on my blog - I will have to remedy that, but not today! Anyway, so we decided to go for a last minute photo shoot on this day.  We just jumped in the car and were off.  I noticed these bright red berries down by the water.
I wasn't about to risk slipping into the river to get the shot (I am slightly risk adverse when you realize how cold it really is and how cold that water would be if you fell in it).  My dad - he just went for it and got a really great shot.  So I decided to attempt the same dangerous maneuver down the side hill to get the shot I wanted - turned out pretty good.

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