Thursday, February 20, 2014

Alaska - A Vacation - Day One

First stop is Ketchikan, Alaska.
How picturesque are those houses tucked into the trees?
Ketchikan is a photographer's dream - fog rolling in and out, 
sometimes so thick you can't see right in front of you, 
then giving way to the bluest prettiest skies and water you can imagine.
Me and my dad on our fishing trip!
The fish apparently jump out of the water in preparation for their run upstream.
They were all over jumping out of the water, but quite difficult to actually capture them mid-air.
Our boat broke down, so we had to be towed back into shore.  
Luckily we had already caught plenty of fish.
Just a side-note: The fish was amazingly good - we baked/grilled it back home!
We were there during the Salmon Run - in the above picture is 
thousands of salmon swimming upstream.
It was more fish than I have ever seen - amazing to see in person.
It is exhausting to watch them swim, jump trying to make their way up the waterfall.
Sometimes they would jump and hit the rock straight on and then float back down stream,
only to swim right back up in an attempt to try again.

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