Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A bit of a mess ...

The blog has been a bit quiet lately, not for lack of pretty images to post either.

You know that saying, "when it rains, it pours" me - that statement is true.
Seems as though every aspect of my life decided to be in upheaval at the same time.
I found out while I was on vacation that I had to move out of my current housing situation.
Things didn't work out with the great guy I was dating.
I had to say goodbye to a good friend moving across the country.
I got sick - really sick for about a week while I  was supposed to be packing and moving and
editing and delivering family pictures to four families I had recently photographed.
A whirlwind of a couple of weeks later and I am in new place.
And I bought I pretty plant - because, guess what?! I have windows!!
I have been without Internet for a while, but I think that is now remedied, hopefully.
Now I just need to get organized, and get a couch and then my life will be back in order!

Even when my life seemed in such upheaval and a bit of a mess
I still had several miracles occur.
Most of them were the direct result of other people putting themselves out there on my behalf.
Small acts of service, chocolate, and food (is there anything sweeter than 
getting food when you are sick and moving and can't find any pots and pans).
People coming to visit, texts from friends checking in on me.
Friends willing to lift heavy things and let me watch my favorite show on their TV and
relax on their comfy couches.

I've realized what a great group of friends I have surrounding me.  
A sincere thank you to them.

And a photo, because I love photos and they make me happy.
This one taken on a recent camping trip to Pennsylvania.
For a moment it reminded me of Costa Rica which is still one of my favorite vacations of all time.
So here is to new beginnings, a fresh start and more beautiful images...

On that note - guess what it is almost Chirstmas Card Season.
Looking to get your family pictures taken?
Drop me a line!  I would love to photograph your family!

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