Tuesday, May 1, 2007

In The Stars

I was just turning in my receipts from Florida and I remembered I had written this on the back of one of them:

"You are in for a surge of energy ...
those around you are exhausted just
thinking about keeping up with your pace.
This highly productive mode is triggered by
inspiration around every corner.
Watch for overly impulsive financial decisions."

This was the horoscope for me (pieces) for April, in the in-flight United magazine that I read on the plane. I never read horoscopes and don't put any merit behind them. However, I found this one to be particularly pertinent to my previous month. I had to laugh when I read it. This month has been overwhelmingly full and busy. It has been mostly with photography assignments and adventures I have wanted to complete.

And last Tuesday I received a new catalog in the mail ... a photography equipment catalog. I don't know how they got my name, but I knew it was dangerous when I saw something that caught my eye and ... I am now the proud owner of another camera! The cheapest camera I have ever purchased too, so I don't feel a bit bad about my "impulsive financial decision" (it is really more of a toy). I am very excited to use it and will hopefully post some images from my new camera soon.


A. Simpson said...

It sure is fun to get new stuff huh? Weird, those stars in the sky really know you!! Crazy horoscopes!

Unknown said...

Maybe i will use my new purchase to photograph your new baby when I see you ... I am counting down the days (40).