Monday, October 27, 2008

Lighthouse ME

This is us!  Thanks again S&W it really was an amazing trip!

Rocks on the cliffs near the lighthouse.

If you take a look on the  Maine quarter you will see this lighthouse!

This is what the light looks like inside the lighthouse.  This is a working lighthouse - the light also produces a nice wave of heat.  The reason there is a split on the back is because that is the portion that points inland.  The light can be seen 12 miles out.

We also made a trip to the flagship LL Bean store - open 24 hours.  This place was huge.


Minna Dyer said...

New time commenter... :)
I love the Nubble Lighthouse, but I have never seen it at night. Gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Thank you!

janers said...

Aren't lighthouses Amazing? Thanks for capturing and sharing these. The first one is awesome with the red light.

emily said...

I would love to see a lighthouse. Your pictures are breathtaking. So beautiful. Hey we are thinking about coming back East some time next spring any ideas of the best time? I would love to be there for the cherry blossoms.

Dahl said...

Tiana, we love your pictures! Uncle Dahl and Aunt Chris want to be invited on your next east coast autumn trip. Keep in touch! Love ya, the Dahlites

Dahl said...

Tiana, We love your pictures! Unc. Dahl and Aunt Chris wonder if we can be invited on your next East Coast Autumn trip. The colors are absolutely amazing! keep in touch! Love, the Dahlites

Lacey said...

Tiana, I was so excited to stumble upon your website, you are amazing! I absolutely love all of your photos, you are very talented, next time your in Denver look us up;)