Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Round 1

This blossoms are as big as my fist - and they are all over the tree!

Drive by blossoms (don't worry I was being cautious)  I have been meaning to go take pictures of this neighborhood that I drive by every day - every tree was in full bloom.  Yesterday was particularly beautiful with the light hitting it just right - I was sitting in traffic - but didn't have my camera on me - a shame I know.
On my run last Saturday I ran past this tree (I had my camera with me because it was such a beautiful day).  It caught my eye - strange how the middle is already green but the sides are still in full blossom!
This is another tree I passed while running.  These are among my favorite trees (the weeping branches the delicate purple hue of the flowers running the length of the branches).  The red bud trees are among my other favorites and they just started blooming this week.
I know I haven't posted anymore cherry blossom pictures ... I will - I have just been busy!

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