Sunday, October 10, 2010

Santa on the metro - in August?

I forgot about this picture until I was downloading pictures this morning and saw it.
When T&W were in town visiting we were on the metro and
there were these two little kids sitting in front of us. They were probably 5 and 6 years old.
This gentleman above gets on the metro and sits across from them.
They both starred wide eyed at him. The girl leans over to the boy and says, "Hey Santa just got on the metro." and the following conversation ensued:
Boy: "Do you think it is really him"
More starring...
Girl: "Yes it really looks like him"
Boy: "But why would Santa be here now, it isn't Christmas"
Girl: "Maybe Santa works here, down here on earth"
Then their attention shifted elsewhere. A few stops later the girl says,
"Hey look - Santa is sleeping on the metro!"
I don't think Santa even noticed the stares or comments!
It was the most entertaining metro ride I have had in a while.

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