Friday, August 19, 2011

And the WINNERS are ...

Thanks to for selecting the winners. The top three winners are Mike V, Kristine, and Susannah - Congratulations! You will get your choice of any print you would like - please email me to confirm the specific print you want.

4. Mike V said "The one I'd love to have is the wide aspect photo of the DC temple with the red tree in the foreground."
21. Kristine said "Mmmm, I can definitely get behind this!! If I win, I'd want either a DC one or maybe the Logan Temple."

3. Susannah said "I'd love to have the cherry blossom on canvas for Charlotte's room! I'm sure I could find a spot for any of the other three as well."

The next four winners will also receive a framed print - email me for details - tiana (at) tianasimpson (dot) com

13. bskinn

16. Sara D.

7. Heather

6. Me (JC)

And I found several more frames while packing so there will be an additional 4 winners! Wahoo!

This person will get their choice of print in an 11x14 frame:

These three people will get their choice of print in an 8x10 border-less frame (these three frames are just the image behind glass - ready to hang).
10. Camille
8. Devin
14. Haderlie

A huge thank you to everyone who left comments and participated! In order to claim your prize you need to contact me by email - tiana (at) tianasimpson (dot) com by Tuesday, August 23rd. If I don't hear from you by email, I will be contacting someone else on list.
Thank you again for your comments!
Sorry about the awful spacing - that is what happens when you use a PC instead of a MAC.


HADERLIE said...

Whoot Whoot!!!

A. Simpson said...

Aww man, I thought you only wanted us to enter if we could come pick it up. Boo, now I'm sad!!!!

Carolynn said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so excited! I'll be e-mailing you shortly. :)

Unknown said...

sorry Amy :(

SIMPSONS said...

that was rigged. I didn't win!!!