Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Exciting News

I am in the process of moving and downsizing.
If you are wondering, what does this mean for you, well then I have exciting news.
You could be the proud new owner of a piece of original framed art from yours truly.

I am going to be giving away several framed prints.
I will let you choose our favorite picture I have taken,
(either from my fine art website or from this blog)
and I will print it and frame it for you.
I also have a couple of prints that are already framed and read to go. Like this one:

I will post more information about how the process will work in the next few days.
Take a moment now to go through and check out my website and blog to pick your favorites.


Erin said...

I really want one of your cherry blossom pics. Not exactly sure which one but something that fits a standard mat size so I don't have to have it professional framed. I will look through in the next day or so and let you know.

Dessi said...

I'm always excited about the chance to get art from you however the moving part isn't too exciting. Where are you moving to?

Mike V. said...

Sweet! Count me in Tiana.