Friday, May 24, 2013

Driving the Ireland Coast all the way to Northern Ireland...

These were the most interesting sheep.
Crazy face markings and super curly horns.  They would run from me and as soon as
I would turn to walk away they would run towards me.  Crazy animals!
Super cute towns that I fell in love with.
So much color and so friendly.
Signs in Gaelic Only (above)
Cows on the side of the road - no fence - it's true ... (below)
This is where we stayed and experienced this delightful traditional Irish Breakfast.
That black pudding is not very good if you ask me...
12 Bens in Ireland (above)
Irish rock fence walls (below) 
Below- Kylemore Abbey
Talk about a picturesque location!
Moving on to Northern Ireland - we drove through the mountains and were greeted by snow.
Lots of snow... the week before we arrived some of the roads were closed due to snow.

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